The Chance Jarosz CV database
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The research resource for Executive Search & Research professionals

Chance Jarosz has been an Executive Search firm focussed on recruiting high potential managers into middle and senior management roles in Europe for clients in the Telecoms, Management Consulting, Hi-tech manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Retail and Investment Banking industries since 1990.

Over that time we have built up one of the most comprehensive databases of the career histories of MBA qualified managers in Europe. We track them from leaving business school aged c. 28 until retirement. We now have over 10,000 CVs on the database of European managers trained at the world's leading business schools.

Today Chance Jarosz is becoming a leader in research information provision for Executive Search & Research professionals.

With the reach of the internet you can now search this unique CV database online to find high potential managers for your clients, quickly and effectively, and at low cost. Our Executive Search and Research clients find that using the Chance Jarosz Online CV Database is significantly more cost effective than running and updating their own database for specialist niche areas.

How is our CV database different?

  • Each CV is reviewed by us for quality and only entered onto the database if it meets our stringent standards (evident career progression, a management qualification from a top business school, and potential for future growth).
  • It is entered onto to the database by our experienced team of coders. Each job on the CV is coded by industry and job function, CVs are not just scanned electronically and entered automatically.
  • The CVs are stored in a powerful and complex relational database, purpose built for Executive Search.
  • We have an active updating programme, keeping in touch with all registered CVs at least once a year.

The result is that you are searching in a worthwhile talent pool and a more intelligent selection is made possible than by just free text search.

How searching works

The CVs on the database have all been sent to us within the last five years, plus intermediate updates. When you search the database you can view individuals' summary career histories ten to a page. By clicking on the link you can view their CV online.

If you like their experience you can request their contact details. We will then verify their current home address, telephone numbers and email address and send these contact details to you within three working days. If we cannot track them down we will not charge you the "Order contact details" fee.
Three working days is a maximum; 50% of requests are handled within one working day, a further 25% within two days, and the balance by day three. We always verify current contact details (even if the CV arrived last month) in order to ensure 100% accuracy.

The prices for our service are as follows: -

Membership level Monthly subscription Order contact details Features
One month trial free £100/CV Initial trial:
• Standard search
Level 1 £100/month £50/CV For intermittent users:
• Standard search
Level 2 £200/month £25/CV For regular users:
• Standard search or Advanced search
• Can search by company name
• Can view current company name

Plus VAT @ 15%. Minimum subscription period - one month.

Level 1 and Level 2 subscribers are entitled to free telephone support on any aspect of using and searching the database during their first three months of membership.

If you prefer, you can ask us to assist you with a search. We will search the database to your brief and place the resulting CVs in your saved CV area to review. Search completed within three working days, fee per search of 85 + VAT.

To see some examples of our search and CV pages take our quick tour.

To sign up for a one month subscription-free trial, please click here.

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